Book One (A Makaveli’s Prince Novel)


Nia’s loyalty is tested as she’s torn between the man who saved her from the streets and the future she wants for herself. But that’s nothing compared to her past.

She finds a note left by her mother – the first piece in a conspiracy which could destroy the government. An assassin wants her dead. The authorities are hunting her down.

Can she face up to her true identity, before it’s too late, and live to expose what she’s discovered?

“The book had me at the edge of my seat and sometimes in tears! I LOVED EVERY PAGE OF THIS BOOK.”Book One Cover

Take a young girl from the ghetto, throw in a drug dealer, some guns and you’ve got a book you won’t be able to put down.  Add a conspiracy at the heart of government, people who will kill her to keep it quiet, and you have an explosive book.

But the truth about who Nia Rodriguez is will have you questioning whether Makaveli’s Prince is based on reality. Nia has a shocking family secret that exposes an unimaginable conspiracy behind some of the biggest murders of the last half century.

“Great read…”

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This fast paced drama is set in the hot and dangerous streets of Miami. Nia’s youthful innocence barely stands a chance. She struggles with her racial identity, abandonment by her father, and family tragedy.

With no one else to look out for her, she finds safety in Leon Brown. He’s a dealer on the fast track to the top.  He’s got his own torturous past but they find a way to take care of each other.

What Nia gets is a street education.  It’s not pretty.  Eventually her loyalty is tested as she’s torn between Leon and her own desire to pursue a legitimate career as a rap artist.

But will her past catch up with her?  Can she face up to her true identity and expose what she knows before it’s too late?


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